Thoughts For a Sunny (So Far) Day

Friday, March 18th, 2005 • 1 Comment on Thoughts For a Sunny (So Far) Day

I’m up early (relatively speaking, for me) and caffeine has nothing to do with it.  I blame the aliens.

—A tequila sunrise is neither green nor Irish, but it makes a suitable celebratory drink.  I was wearing green, so it shouldn’t matter what my drink was, right?

—Snow—in Virginia, on St. Patrick’s Day—should be illegal.  Any more snow in March and I’m moving to Florida.

—I have a few days off from both work and school and much writing to finish before April 1.  It is good to be busy with deadlines, but I fear I’m procrastinating on the novels I should be finishing (which have no deadlines except those that are self-imposed and I fail miserably at sticking to them).  Ahh.  I need to work on the books.

—Class schedules are out for summer and fall.  I was calculating my graduation date for my M.A.  Taking my time (meaning one class a semester), I’ll finish in May 2008.  I’ll turn 41 that month.  if I pick it up a bit and take 2 classes a few semesters, I can finish in May 2007.  There is something appealing about finishing my Masters by 40.  I know people several years younger than me who already have their Masters degrees or are in grad school now (and at least one who is the same age as I am who will have her PhD by the time she’s 40), but I’ve always been a little on the slow side.  Heh. 

—Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it looks like spring outside.  That makes me very, very happy.

—Having gotten up so early (relatively speaking, for me), what are the odds there is a nap in my future?  Pretty good, I’m thinking.

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  • Adrienne says:

    I graduate in 2008 too!  Or 2009 . . . it’s kind of amazing to look at 4 or 5 years from now and think, “I’ll be done with my degree then.”  It’s also comforting (to have a goal) and exhausting at the same time.

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