Contemplations On a Rainy Saturday

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005 • No Comments on Contemplations On a Rainy Saturday

Some random thoughts and memories of Jay’s birthday party:

—Seven pizzas is a lot of pizza to make in one night.  I’m tired.

—Pin-the-Speedo-on-the-Diver is much more fun than Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.

—Why is it a donkey?  Why not a horse?

—PVC pipe makes a pretty good stick for hitting a Pinata when you don’t have a baseball bat.

—The Bucket o’ Margaritas was a big hit.  Maybe next time I’ll have one.

—It’s fun to hear people tell the old stories to the new person.  It makes me realize I have some roots and history (and friends) here.  Nice feeling.

—Despite many hours spent working on the cake, it was only good, not great.  Oh well.  The pizza was pretty good (I even got to have a slice this time).

—For someone who doesn’t really “do” birthdays, Jay seemed to have a good time.  Perhaps it was the Bucket o’ Margaritas?  Nahhh…

—Tightie whities.  Enough said.



have too much food for a party.  I think it’s genetic.

—It’s nice to have creative friends.

—Smoke detectors are entirely too sensitive.  At least mine is, anyway.

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