I Cannot Tell a Lie

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 • 1 Comment on I Cannot Tell a Lie

Fiction cannot lie.”

That quote came from the guest speaker we had last night in my Humanities class.  Professor Christensen is visiting from Aalborg University in Denmark and his area of expertise is media and cultural theory.  Last night he lectured on postmodernism, more specifically, postmodern cinema.  In the course of his two hour talk, I realized how much I don’t know about world culture, how narrow-minded our educational system is in the United States (something I already knew, but which bears remembering) and how much I love analyzing things.

Despite walking away feeling like I need to drop out of graduate school and take some remedial high school classes, I was intrigued by his quote, “Fiction cannot lie.”  He said this in reference to the difference between nonfiction and fiction cinema.  He defined nonfiction as having a metonymic relation to reality. Fiction, on the other hand, has a metaphoric relation to reality and

cannot lie

.  I’m not sure anyone except a writer would understand the feeling of liberation and understanding I had when he said that.   

“Fiction cannot lie.”

It gives me a chill just to think about it.

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