Under Pressure

Saturday, April 16th, 2005 • 4 Comments on Under Pressure

I have a term paper due in ten days.  Ten days.  I have known about this term paper since January 11th.  It is now April 16th.  I was given three and a half months to write this term paper.  I could have started it at any point in the past three months; for that matter, I could haven’t finished it, too. 

I have to write approximately twenty pages on the topic of my choosing.  No strict guidelines, no subject requirements.  It is a very flexible term paper assignment, befitting a graduate class.  Too flexible, if you ask me.  Because here I sit, ten days before my term paper is due and I have not yet written one single word of this term paper. 

I have a general idea of what I’m going to write about.  Very general.  I have a stack of books and another stack of articles and a list of additional books and journals to look at.  I do not have a thesis statement.  I lack focus.  I lack direction.  I’m floundering.  I do not have time to flounder, however.  I only have ten days.

And now that I have shown the proper amount of panic and concern befitting a graduate class assignment, I will blithely ignore the stacks of books and articles for a few more days.  Then, a week from today, I will look at the calendar in horror and be back here to write:  “I only have three days!”

I’ve been here before and it is a road well-travelled.

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  • Andy says:

    Been there. Done that. I have read that people procrastinate because they believe even if they put effort and time into something, they are afraid they will still be told it isn’t good enough. As a defense mechanism, they procrastinate so they can say “Well, since I started on it too late I’ll be able to rationalize any punishment (bad grade, etc.) I receive.”

    I know that doesn’t help, but I’m sure you’ll get it done and then breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Beth says:

    Some of us work best under pressure smile I have also travelled this road, many times!

  • charlie says:

    Maybe it’s the alignment of the planets. I’m in a major procrastination mode myself. Stuck, no forward movement. Where’s the fire that is usually under my ass?

  • Chug’a, chug’a, chug.  I hope your weekend is proving productive.  I’m rooting for you and avoiding the temptation to call you, as not to derail your progress.

    Choo. Choo.

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