Having My Cake and Eating It, Too

Friday, May 6th, 2005 • 2 Comments on Having My Cake and Eating It, Too

Some of the people I work with have a bizarre obsession with cake.  Birthday cake, to be more specific.  We celebrated my birthday today because it’s the only day I’m working this week.  This involved a) a card signed by the staff and b) a birthday cake.  No, they are not a creative bunch.  There are seventeen or eighteen staff members at any given time, which makes for a lot of birthday cakes in the course of a year.  You would think, with so many opportunities to gorge on sugary frosting and dry cake, people would get their fill and no one cake wouldn’t be of particular interest.  Not so.

Today, from the time I arrived at work until the time I finally cut the cake, the most asked question was, “When are we going to cut the cake?”  Not, “When are we going to celebrate Kris’s birthday?”  Imagine.  As everyone knows, I take my birthday quite seriously and I expect the same courtesy from those around me.  Which is why, despite grumbling and dissension among the ranks, I kept them waiting for their slice of birthday cake for nearly four hours.  It was… quite amusing.  And the cake was good, too.

A memo to my coworkers:
I do not appreciate being made to feel as if my presence was optional at my own birthday “celebration.”  I wanted to cut my cake after I had lunch and that’s exactly what I did.  Don’t like it?  Tough.  I’m not selfish—I will happily and generously celebrate your birthday in whatever way you choose.  But today was my day and I was very, very set on getting my way.  I’m funny like that.

Sometimes I’m the Birthday Princess.  Sometimes I’m the Birthday Bitch.  Really, it’s your call.

Hope everyone enjoyed their cake.  I know I did.

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  • JAE says:

    It was two, three, maybe four that made this an issue.  On my brithday, I’m cutting it at 5:30- after my lunch has settled.  If folks want their slice of heaven, they’ll have to return then.  If not, I’ll cut each a slice and leave it in the fridge- unlike they do for the part-timers that are absent on cake days. 

    Ah, the cake drama. 

    And people, don’t make Kris’ birthday week about anything besides KRIS.  Kris will have your head.  Forget the war, SARS, Repub-as-President, even the cake.  It’s freakin’ Kris’ birthday week.  It’s her name on the cake!

  • Amy says:

    If I had cake before lunch, I’d pass out from sugar overload. grin You’re right to stick to your guns!

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