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Thursday, May 5th, 2005 • 3 Comments on Random Thoughts Of A Tired Mind

—Grades are in… I got an A.  In retrospect, and despite writing thirty-something pages for class in less than two weeks, it really wasn’t so bad.  I love being in grad school.

—The idea of turning 38 doesn’t bother me in the least.  Especially when cute guys wish me happy birthday and guess my age as 28.  I know they’re just being nice, but still.  I can’t wait for 40.

—I don’t know who is more messed up, the runaway bride or the dumb fiance who still wants to marry her.

—I will be attending the midnight show of Star Wars: Episode Three, Revenge of the Sith on May 19th, not because I’m a huge Star Wars fan (the original triology rocks, but I can take or leave Lucas’s latest creation), but because watching Jae get so excited he almost pees his pants will be totally worth sitting in a crowded movie theater until 2:30 in the morning.  I can’t wait.

—Consider this an advisory from a wildlife expert: if you decide to occasionally put food out for a raccoon, be prepared for her to want to move into your house and sleep in your bed.  Do not be surprised to see her sitting on your back porch at all hours of the night (and day), waiting expectantly for an apple, a cookie, a banana or a peanut butter sandwich.

—I need to schedule a rather important doctor’s appointment very soon.  I refuse to let this dreaded appointment lessen my enthusiasm for my birthday the way I did last year, which is why I have made a point of not scheduling it for this week.  Life is short and doctor’s appointments can wait an extra week.

—I have been treated to all sorts of delicious, decadent, sensual, relaxing pleasures today.  I love Birthday Week.  I’m a very lucky girl.

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  • Suzanne says:

    Congrats on that A (like we expected anything less).

    My in-laws have raccoons that come by for some cat food every now and again, but as far as I know they have never requested a peanut butter sandwich.  Obviously Virginia raccoons have more refined palates.

    Happy Birthday to you!  38 rocked, but you are wise to look forward to 40. smile

  • I warned you about the raccoon!

  • Kristina says:

    I have a way with animals, what can I say? 

    Thanks for the insight about turning 40, Suzanne.  I really think it’ll be a good decade.  I wouldn’t go back to being 20 for anything.  Which I suppose is good, since I can’t.

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