The Absent Writer Returns

Sunday, May 1st, 2005 • No Comments on The Absent Writer Returns

My happiness at having completed my 20+ page term paper was short lived.  I handed in my paper Tuesday afternoon and was able to breathe a sigh of relief for all of five minutes before learning that our final exam is a take home test.  I’ll spare you my rant about take home tests and how much more work they are and how many more hours are required to do them as compared to the three hour in-class final we were supposed to take. Everyone else was positively giddy at the announcement of a take home final exam (two essays, one thousand words each), so clearly I’m mistaken about how much more work is involved, though I’ve spent nearly four hours on it already, with at least four more to go.

Right.  I said I’d spare you the rant.  So.

My birthday is in six days.  I am not jumping up and down with joy quite yet (see above).  I think Birthday Week will commence at the end of Tuesday night’s class.  Or perhaps after I finish my take home final (hopefully tomorrow).  In any case, I’m not in the birthday groove quite yet.  Soon, I hope.

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