Same Story, Another Sale

Monday, June 27th, 2005 • 2 Comments on Same Story, Another Sale

I got an e-mail from editor Maxim Jakubowski yesterday.  He wants to include my story “In the Stacks” in his forthcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 5.  Wooo!  Exciting stuff.

I was hit by a strange sense of deja vu when I accidentally stumbled upon Maxim’s bookstore Murder One in London two years ago. An hour or so later, when I finally made my way back out onto the street, I decided I really wanted to work with Maxim Jakubowski one day.  The man is a legend—and now he wants my story for his book.  I’m thrilled.

This will make the third publication of this story, as it first appeared early last year in a book club edition from Venus Book Club (subsidiary of Doubleday Book Club) called Master/slave.  The entire collection was then picked up by Berkley Trade and that anthology is due out next week.  The new


edition is due out in December.  Who knew a story set in a library would be so popular?

Selling reprint rights to a story is like finding money in last year’s winter coat.  A very sweet treat, indeed.

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