True To My Nature

Thursday, June 30th, 2005 • 3 Comments on True To My Nature

The insomnia is here… the insomnia is here…

Sadly, this is the kind of insomnia that is unproductive.  The brain simply won’t go to sleep but it’s not awake enough to write fiction.  So… e-mail.  A blog post.  A little television.  Then, hopefully, sleep.

My blog overfloweth with wonderful comments lately.  Jennifer asked about my Women Writers reading list.  I’ll post it tomorrow when I have it in front of me, Jennifer!  It would be great to discuss one or more of them with you.

I’m greatly enjoying the debate over life, age and experience that’s taking place in the comments section of my “It Lives!  It Blogs!” post.  You guys rock, but if it starts getting violent I’ll have to ask you to take it outside.

And Tee?  If what I wrote sounds like heaven to you, you should get out more.  I’m not at all pleasant when I’m stressed, but I’ll try not to vent it on such loyal readers.

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