I’ll Send You a Postcard

Thursday, July 21st, 2005 • 1 Comment on I’ll Send You a Postcard

There are times when I think I would do quite well on an island by myself.  I’m not Cast Away material—I would starve to death before I’d catch, kill, clean and cook my own fish and I would scream in frustration if I didn’t have access to hair conditioner, but if the island had a hut with hot and cold running water, a full pantry and refrigerator and a laptop with WiFi, I’d do just fine for a few weeks.  Maybe even a few months.

There is a reason writers’ retreats are so popular.  There is something very appealing about taking off to a cabin in the woods or house on the beach for a long stretch of uninterrupted time devoted entirely to creating.  Time that belongs to no one but yourself.  Time that you don’t have to account or apologize for.  Time that is dedicated wholly to the pursuit of your craft, your gift, your soul.

I’m far too social to want to make a permanent home on that island in my mind.  I thrive when I’m surrounded by people who know me best and I can’t imagine giving up the life I have for a life of palm trees and ocean waves… but I can dream about what a lovely vacation that would be.

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  • Amy says:

    I’m with you. Although I am naturally an introvert, I find that I am writing much better and more often now that I live in the city—where I like to work at the big public library—than I did in the large, secluded home I lived in before. Having lots of private space didn’t help me.

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