Is Insomnia An Addiction?

Sunday, July 10th, 2005 • 6 Comments on Is Insomnia An Addiction?

There should be an Insomniacs Anonymous.  We could meet at IHOP at 3 a.m. and discuss our disease over Belgian waffles and French toast (I don’t eat eggs, sorry).  The coffee would be decaf, of course.  Our sponsors would be former insomniacs who conquered their sleeplessness.  Our motto would be, “One night at a time.”  Our mascot would be, what else?, a sheep.  Our 12-step program would include things like “buy a new mattress” and “make amends for punching your sleeping spouse.” 

“My name is Kristina and it’s been eight nights since I slept well.”

Insomniacs Anonymous.  Who’s with me?

I guess I’m the only one who is still awake…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m with you.  It’s been almost two weeks since I had a good nights sleep?

  • Jeremy says:

    I always wondered what I’d do if I didn’t have to sleep.  I’d keep the day job and become a mechanic I think.  Graphic design/blue collar grease monkey.  I could wear Dickies to the design job…

    Maybe this isn’t a good idea.

    Oh, and waffles soaked in sunny side eggs is heaven.  Though, with you disliking eggs, that thought probably made you ill.  Sorry about that.  smile

  • Kristina says:

    Yes, you’re quite right, the idea of runny eggs all over my waffle makes me nauseous.  Ick.

  • Carter says:

    Be careful.  After 30 years or so, insomnia becomes a way of life.  I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever get another good night’s sleep.

  • charlie says:

    God invented pills for a reason. At least, I like to think so.

  • Kristina Wright "Kris" says:

    good nights sleep? what is that? i don’t get off work till 10pm go to sleep around 3 or 4 am and wake up at 7am. I do that for a week and then ill sleep for 12 hours one day and start back with my routine. 

    Insomniacs Anonymous, I’m with ya!

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