Thursday, July 7th, 2005 • 1 Comment on London.

I fell in love two years ago.  I visited London and I fell in love with that amazing city.  I fell in love with the people and the shops and the restaurants and the cobbled streets and the cabs and the big red busses and the underground and the theater and the market.  I fell in love with Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey and Notting Hill and SoHo and Knightsbridge and Covent Garden.  I fell in love with the tea and the coffee and the fish and chips and the chocolate and the sticky pudding and the Indian food.  I even fell in love with the mushy peas.  I fell in love with the chilly, dreary March weather.  I fell in love with the people. 

Standing in Heathrow airport, on my way home to the States, I started to cry.  I wanted to stay in London, I didn’t want to go home.  My heart broke when the plane took off.  I was leaving London and I didn’t know when I would be able to return.

I fell in love with London and now, more than ever, I want to go back.

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