What Dreams May Come…

Friday, July 8th, 2005 • 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come…

I must sleep.

Waiting, waiting, for the brain to shut down, but it never shuts down entirely.  It only slows… like the rush of water in a river trickles down where it flows into a lake.  Quieting enough to let sleep invade, slipping between the press of thoughts like sunlight through tightly closed window blinds.  Threading its way to the core, enveloping the insistent pulse of thought upon thought, hugging them tightly, cradling them until they relax and unfold. Finally, the thoughts and the sleep become one and I drift off… to dream of those things I was thinking of before sleep stole my consciousness.  The dreams are as pervasive as the waking thoughts, only twisted into surreal images that torment me.  I awaken in the middle of the night in a tangle of sheets and pillows and hair.  Sleep comes quicker the second time in a night, and the third, and sometimes the fourth, but it is always interrupted, always elusive, teasing me with the promise of peaceful rest.  I awaken for the last time to daylight, the thoughts flooding back like a dam that has burst.  I have slept, but I have not rested and it was not peaceful. 

Tomorrow night I will try again.

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