A Different Kind of August

Saturday, August 6th, 2005 • 8 Comments on A Different Kind of August

August has always been my least favorite month.  Too hot, no holidays to celebrate, too many people on the roads slowing me down.  August is the bridge between the lazy cookout days of patriotic July and the exciting back-to-school days of almost-autumn September.  August is a wasteland of sweat and mosquitos and, with the exception of a couple of birthdays that I look forward to celebrating, I think it’s a ridiculous waste of 31 days.

However… this August is off to a very nice start.  For one thing, I got an A in my Women Writers class.  I am


grade obsessed, never have been.  I liked seeing that A, though.  I respect my professor (in truth, I think she’s brilliant) and it’s nice to get that kind of validation from her—especially after being out of college for several years.

In other news, I gave notice at the library.  Finally.  It’s a good change for me, but it’s change nonetheless—which means I’ve been dreading it in some ways.  It’s done now, the paperwork is filled out and all I have to do is wait for August 29th, when I will be a full-time writer/part-time grad student.  The thought of being able to really fling myself into writing and school and structure my schedule in whatever way I like makes me grin like an idiot.  It is very, very exciting to contemplate the possibilities—though I know from experience what kind of discipline will be required.  I’m ready for it.  Very ready.

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