Observations On Helping Friends Move, Or: My Journey to Hell and Back

Saturday, August 27th, 2005 • 3 Comments on Observations On Helping Friends Move, Or: My Journey to Hell and Back

—Third floor apartments were designed by tyrants to torture the common man.

—I know more about the chafing of testicles than I ever care to know.  Oh, the things I have seen…

—Dead chicken smell isn’t so bad.  Okay, it is.  Oh, the things I have smelled…

—A cute girl thinks she can get a guy to change her flat tire even when he’s in the middle of moving very heavy furniture.  The cute girl was right.

—Broken toes are painful and hurt more going down stairs than up stairs.  Watching someone duck walk all day is rather amusing, however.

—Team work is a beautiful, sweaty, smelly thing.

—Group head butts hurt.

—So does “pass-it-down” head butting.

—Muscle relaxers are one of God’s little miracles.

—Even the cleanest of clean freaks have dust.  Thank God I can put that inferiority complex aside.

—”Don’t Cha” is not a good soundtrack to moving, but it does get stuck in your head.  The lyrics are easily changed to fit any given situation, however.

—Telling a man “Be careful and don’t hurt yourself.” will result in him a) immediately lifting something he shouldn’t, b) giving you a list of all his existing injuries or, c) thinking you’re insulting him for being weak.

—Men are strong, but sometimes stupid.

—I’m too old for this moving crap.

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  • Carter says:

    I, too, know more about chafed testicles than I should.  Actually, NO ONE should EVER have to know about that particular demonic torture.

    Sometimes stupid?  AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Helping someone move earns you points in Paradise.  Enjoy the pain, you’ve earned it.

  • —Chafed testicles hurt for days, just like back pain.  Why isn’t there a pill for chafed testicles?

    Thanks for helping.  You’re a queen!

  • Carrie says:

    Very well said. And I have SO been there too.

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