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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005 • 7 Comments on Snip, Snip

I’m getting that urge again… the urge to cut off all my hair.  August always does that to me.  I get tired of putting it up but can’t stand to have it down and all I want is to be free, free, free of the length and weight and endless care of very long hair.  Late last night I stood in the bathroom, holding up my ponytailed hair and eyeing the scissors on the shelf.  The only thing that stopped me was the fear I’d end up looking like some institutional inmate who had escaped her padded cell.  One of these days I may not be afraid of looking crazy…

Maybe I should just go ahead and make an appointment to let a professional cut my hair, hmm?

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  • Jeremy says:

    Having 5’ of hair myself, I understand what it’s like to have to wash it daily, or to take it on walks, etc.  Sometimes a haircut can restore vigor to one’s life.

    Don’t rush it, but if you think it’s right for you, proceed slowly.  Maybe have your stylist cut it in two stages, one more conservative and then proceed if you’re ready.

  • It makes you feel powerful when you cut your hair- off.  It’s freeing.  Its like saying, “Screw you,” to the entire world.  And the cool thing about hair… it grows back. 

    Yes, go for it.  Can I come watch?

  • Jeremy says:

    Take pictures!

  • Suzanne says:

    Oddly enough, my girlfriend was just saying something quite similar about her pretty long hair.

    I’ve always envied folks with long hair because mine does not grow down, it grows out.  Picture Bozo the Clown.

    I recommend a professional.  Worst case, you can grow it back?

  • Kristina says:

    I have a love/hate obsession with my hair.  I have so much of it, it seems to take on a life of it’s own.  Kind of like men and their penises, I guess.  Maybe that’s why I’m always so reluctant to cut it?? grin

  • Jeremy says:

    Since when do men own their penises?  They’re annexed upon coupling.

  • Amy says:

    I cut mine off a few weeks ago. I got tired of a sweaty neck. Feels fabulous, and it blow-dries so fast!

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