It’s The Little Things

Sunday, September 11th, 2005 • 1 Comment on It’s The Little Things

Some days, it’s all about the little things—a sunny autumn day, a batch of my “kick your ass” brownies and a delicious, home cooked dinner prepared by someone else.  What more could a girl ask for?

Oh, did I mention the homemade, to-die-for cheesecake?

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  • Anonymous says:

    hey wassup ?

    Just finished reading ur archived entry about the Prince kick ..

    I too have enjoyed Prince for years and actually had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times..

    I just wanted to comment on one of ur entries tho…

    “Diamonds and Pearls”—

    If I gave u diamonds and pearls
    Would u be a happy boy or a girl
    If I could I would give u the world
    But all I can do is just offer u my love

    (One of the things I love most about Prince is his gender-bending.)

    ****This song was in reference to him having a child with Mayte with whom he wed around that time… nothing about gender bending Mayte was with child grin  ***********

    Peace and Luv

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