I’m Back… Sort Of

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 • 10 Comments on I’m Back… Sort Of

Some of you, okay probably none of you, remember the sex and death story I was working on last year.  It is one of the most challenging pieces of fiction I’ve ever written and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it since day one.  It is one of those stories that I will probably never feel as if I’ve gotten quite right (and I’ve edited it several times, attempting to do just that).  Alas, it was rejected by the editor of the anthology I was targeting and it is one of three or four stories I’ve simply been unable to sell.

Until now.

The Fabulous Fiction EditorsTM at Clean Sheets bought my little story just two short days after I submitted it to them earlier this month.  For those of you who aren’t writers—this is almost unheard of for any publisher.  A minor miracle, if you will.  Imagine my surprise to not only sell my unsaleable story so quickly but to hear that they wanted to run it in the same month. 

Clean Sheets has a solid reputation for publishing quality writing and being extremely selective, so I’m really quite honored they liked my story so much.  For the morbidly curious, my story “At Midnight, In the Month of June” will be up on the front page of Clean Sheets for the next week and then will be in the fiction archives.

Let me know what you think—and what you expected.

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  • Rachel says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you surprised me anyway.  Nicely written.

  • Ruth says:

    I subscribe to Clean Sheets and read your story. It’s remarkably timely for my sweetheart and me since we’ve been talking about cremains. We’re going to have some of ours combined and turned into a diamond . . . but with luck, that won’t happen for some time to come. He’s 59 and I’m 47, and we’ve got a LOT of living and loving left to do!

    At any rate, I shared your tale with him. Thank you for writing something so poignant, so beautiful, and so evocative.

  • gh says:

    very interesting and unique. I bet those places that rejected it are kicking themselves now.

  • Amy says:

    Such a well-written story. I love how well you capture Ed’s voice. He is very easy to get to know.

  • Michael says:

    Wow.  You took my breath away.

  • G. Val says:

    Ahhh….sometimes it’s good to take a break.  I know I have…from a number of things.  Including checking in on you and your blog…Strangely, this break of mine coincided with yours from blogging, so I guess that all works out, huh?
    Although I’m sure things are quite busy with you in other arenas right now, I wanted to touch base…so…

    “Hey, Kristina!  How are things with you?  I hope you feel like blogging some more sooner that later, but whenever it is, just know that we’ll still be here, ok?”

    Ok.  I’ll send a real email soon, but until then this will suffice for a “checking in”. 

    Oh yeah, Clean Sheets can pat themselves on the back, having picked out your story and published it.  Congratulations!

  • Karina M. says:

    Thanks for sharing this story.  It’s beautiful and sensual and I really enjoyed it!

  • Wendy O. says:

    Lovely story, on so many different levels.

  • KellyLove says:

    Really nice work! I’ve also heard Clean Sheets is hard to get into, but I think they picked a good one with your story. Congrats!

  • SilverMoon says:

    Fantastic news! What a thrill for you.  I’ll mark it to read when I can give it full attention.

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