Chilly Scene of Winter

Thursday, December 15th, 2005 • 5 Comments on Chilly Scene of Winter

December is becoming a blur.  I supposed every December is like this, hmm?  January holds promises of new beginnings and clean slates and starting over, but first we must get through December.  Messy, messy December.  If January is a shiny new baby, then December is an old woman wearing mismatched socks and grumbling about her arthritis.  December, for all its sparkly decorations and holiday songs, is a curmudgeon.  Or perhaps that’s just me? 

The sky is filled with sad, gray clouds which suggest (ominously, I think) that snow is as likely to fall as rain.  It was like this yesterday, too.  Oh, but the day before… now that was a happy sky.  Brilliant blue and clear.  Everything seemed more festive two days ago, when the sky was so bright it almost hurt my eyes to look at it.  Today it is simply winter, even if the calendar says otherwise.

I do believe my mood influences the weather.  My apologies to those living in my ZIP code.

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