Here I Go Again

Friday, December 9th, 2005 • 6 Comments on Here I Go Again

It’s that time of year again, the time when we all go nuts trying to buy gifts for people we love, people we’re related to (which is not necessarily the same thing), people we work with and people we would rather not buy anything for, but inevitably will because they will buy something for us.  It’s also the time of year when we all start evaluating our lives and vow to work less, exercise more, learn a foreign language, be nicer to our coworkers and enjoy life to its fullest in the new year.  Just as the Christmas season begins before the Halloween candy has been consumed, New Year’s resolutions are composed long before the ball drops in Times Square.

I haven’t yet made a list for 2006, though there are things stirring in the back of my brain; ideas and ambitions just waiting to come to fruition.  I predict change in my life in 2006—changes I initiate rather than changes that are forced upon me.  I haven’t been too happy with the last quarter of 2005, so change in my life will be welcome (for a change).

One of those changes will involve writing with more passion and dedication than I’ve shown in the past three months—including blogging, personal writing and writing for publication.  I’ve missed writing here and have been annoyed by a feeling of self-imposed censorship.  My writing in general has suffered the past couple of months as well, in part because of all-consuming grad school work, in part by other things I’ve let interfere.  I have written many times of my love affair with writing and it’s a lover I’ve been neglecting lately.  She is not a forgiving lover, either.  I anticipate many frustrating days ahead as I struggle with words to find my writing self again.

So, I’m back (she says, tentatively).  What changes will you make in 2006?

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