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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 • 2 Comments on Looking Back

Christmas is over, Santa has returned to the North Pole, the Christmas tree is bereft of gifts (not to mention dropping pine needles like crazy) and 2006 is a mere six days away.  Resolutions, anyone?

Ahh… I think I’ll wait until the weekend to post my list (in part because I haven’t come up with one yet).  Instead, I’ll do something even more daring.  Let’s take a look at last year’s resolutions, shall we?  Here’s the list, from my original post:

1. Finish my NaNoWriMo novel and sell it.  Nice resolution, but it didn’t happen.

2. Travel more—instead of just talking about it.  Sadly, the only place I went this year was D.C.

3.  Get immersed in academia instead of just dipping my toe in the pool.  Now


one, I actually accomplished.

4.  Read more, for the book club, for school, for fun.  Lots of reading for school, very little for book club (only one book, unless we manage to get a second book in this week) and only a little bit more for fun.

5. Write, write, write. Always push myself to write better.  I have to say, with the exception of November and December, I accomplished this resolution with flying colors.  I’ve had more writing sales this year than in the past two years combined.

6. Learn something new.  I don’t think I learned anything new this year, unless you count my grad classes as “learning something new.”

7. Take more chances, say “yes” to new opportunities and scare myself just a little bit.  I’ll give myself partial credit for this one…

My resolution success rate for 2005 appears to be about 50/50.  I guess I should take that under consideration when making up a list for 2006.  Perhaps I should increase my odds a bit by including things like “eat chocolate as often as possible” and “continue to be an insomniac,” hmm?

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