13 Things To Be Grateful For on Friday 13th

Saturday, January 14th, 2006 • 1 Comment on 13 Things To Be Grateful For on Friday 13th

13.  My cold has not turned into the flu.

12.  It is January and there is no snow on the ground.

11.  I have gotten the awkward task of approaching a faculty mentor out of the way.

10.  I’m reasonably on top of my reading for my classes (granted, it’s only the first week…).

9.  While I’m not on top of my writing deadlines, I’m making progress.

8.  I have time this weekend to work on those writing deadlines and stay on top of that reading.

7.  The holidays are over, the holidays are over, the holidays are over!

6.  I have Dove Bars in my freezer, which is good for my sore throat.

5.  I had good iced coffee today.

4.  The London trip is paid for, so now all I have to do is pack!  Oh, and wait 7 more weeks.

3.  The post-holiday financial crunch has passed.  Mostly.

2.  There is Nyquil waiting for me upstairs.

1.  I can sleep in tomorrow!

Nothing scary about Friday the 13th—I think mine has turned out just fine.

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