And So It Begins

Sunday, January 1st, 2006 • No Comments on And So It Begins

In 2006, I resolve to…

Take better care of my health.  (Including making doctor’s appointments, eating better, getting enough sleep, working out with some sort of regularity, minimizing my stress and cutting the toxic stuff out of my life.)

Sell a novel.  (I swore several years ago not to make this a resolution because I have no control over the selling, only the writing.  However, resolving to finish writing/editing my NaNoWriMo novel didn’t work for 2005, so I’m punishing myself by raising the bar.  I’m a masochist.)

Make writing my career.  (By this, I mean being disciplined, organized and professional about my writing.  I am far too quick to make everything else a priority and that needs to stop if I’m going to make the above resolution happen.)

Travel.  Really, I mean it this year. (This is my ringer.  I’m going to London in March for a study abroad trip and I have a couple other adventures in the planning stages.)

Learn something new.  (I resolve to do this every year, and some years I’m more successful than others.  Right now I’m leaning toward guitar lessons, but I’m open to suggestions.)

Plan my 40th birthday.  (The big event doesn’t happen until May 7, 2007, but I need to start thinking about it now, right?)

Do something meaningful.  (I don’t know what this involves, but a little voice just whispered it’s what I need to do in 2006.  We shall see.)

Happy New Year.  Make it count.

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