I Can See Clearly Now

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 • No Comments on I Can See Clearly Now

I have a new sliding glass door.  It slides and I can see through it.  I know, by virtue of the name, that you are assuming all sliding glass doors slide and all sliding glass doors allow visibility to the outdoors.  Let me enlighten you:  some do not.  My previous door was hardly a door at all.  It was more like a very heavy obstacle I had to move several times of day (damn dog) using my full weight to open it.  The door no longer slid, it just sort of dragged along the track.  One recent door-opening experience resulted in me nearly losing a limb as the door kind of dropped into place on my arm.  The bruises lingered for a long time.  As for visiblity, there wasn’t much.  I could tell whether it was day or night, and perhaps the color of the leaves on the trees, but the image was fuzzy.  Foggy.  Milky.  Words cannot describe the horror that was my previous sliding glass door.

As much as I love my new sofa, I think I may love my new sliding glass door even more.  After all, my old sofa never tried to kill me.

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