Nesting Season

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 • 1 Comment on Nesting Season

Winter makes me want to hibernate.  And since no one wants to hibernate in some ugly cave (except, well, maybe a bear), I’m in nesting mode, wanting to buy new furniture and redecorate.  A new couch is on the way (at least that’s what Restoration Hardware keeps telling me) and I almost

have a new guest room bed, courtesy of Jae and Jay.  There’s also a sliding glass door coming, though I’m starting to doubt it’ll ever be installed since it was ordered two months ago. 

The problem with nesting is that it demands instant gratification.  I’m tired of waiting for the things that have already been ordered and paid for.  I’m starting to subscribe to the philosophy that I only want something if I can take it home

right now

—and pay for it later.

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