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Saturday, January 7th, 2006 • 4 Comments on This, That and the Other Thing

—I picked up the missing Edgar Allan Poe biography at the bookstore yesterday after waiting as long as I could for the mail order copy to arrive.  Can you imagine what I discovered when I got home from the bookstore?  Yes, you guessed it, the book had come in the mail.  Twice the Poe fun?  I think not.  This is a very tedious biography, recounting every aspect of Poe’s life, down to such exciting details as which books he checked out of the UVa library.  It must be read by Monday, so I forge on.

—Would someone please tell me when it became fashionable for people who have clearly not seen the inside of a gym since freshman year of high school to wear track suits or sweats and sneakers out in public?  By “public” I don’t mean a quick run to the grocery store for milk—I’m talking Saturday night at a restaurant.  The majority of the offenders are women, but there are a fair number of men who seem to be striving for the same look.  Here’s a hint: just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean you should wear it outside of your house.

—Possibly the most frightening thing I’ll hear in 2006 is the following quote uttered in a martyred, reverent tone by a well-dressed blonde, suggesting she’s been watching too much Dr. Phil: “I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in goals.  My goal this year is to live my life as if I’m living for my children.”  I will give her ten points for the fact she wasn’t wearing a track suit, but I subtract ten thousand points for her Stepford Wife/Dr. Laura/1906 mentality.  I fear for her children.

—This first week of January has not been good for the reputation of Virginia.  We have the unsportsmanlike (not to mention, egomaniacal) idiot Marcus Vick, the always moronic (and yet, morbidly entertaining) Pat Robertson and the poor excuse for a human being who shot two Mormon missionaries right here in my own town.  I think we should put these three guys in a room together and see what happens.  Just a thought.

—Though it’s gotten rather chilly today, it was warm enough to enjoy lunch outdoors at Panera on Thursday.  Much as I like the change of seasons, I could really do without snow this winter.  I wonder if Mr. Robertson had something to do with the mild winter we’re having?  After all, he does have a direct line to God.

—It’s going to be an exciting Sunday.  Both The L-Word and The Sopranos start their new seasons.  Given how little television I watch (and that he watches even less), I had dropped all the premium channels—but now they’re back… at least for a couple of months.

—I have a new sofa and I love it.  I also love the fact that I got it for a thousand dollars less than the original price.  Floor sample sales rawk, baby.

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  • Carter says:

    My goal this year is to live my life as if I’m living for my children

    As if?  Faking it won’t help.  Another case where the bleach has leached out too many brain cells.

  • Jae says:

    Rose: For such a pretty gal, why cover it with ugly yoga pants and sweats?  Save the drab garb for the bedroom when you’re with your husband.  Break out the fashion-wear when you’re out in public with classic-Kris or your other hip friends.  Better yet, leave the yoga uniform at home at all costs.

  • Jae says:

    …and I don’t think Dr. Phil would support what that woman said.  (Trust me)  He’d say something like, “Remember your spirt—” but I’m pretty sure he stole that from Oprah. 

    Where did you hear it?

  • Rose says:

    You have wounded me deeply. I doubt that I will recover. I love my yoga pants and sweats, be it public or otherwise. The magic 8 ball sees heartbreak ahead ; ;

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