Will Not Write For Free

Saturday, January 14th, 2006 • No Comments on Will Not Write For Free

I haven’t written much about my writing lately.  In the good news category, I received a much belated payment today for a story that was reprinted several months ago (along with a copy of the book in which it appeared, which did help—somewhat—to placate my indignance at having waited so long for payment).  As I mentioned in a previous post, it really isn’t a lot of money, but it’s still mine and now I have it.  Happy me.

In the slightly disappointing news category, I learned via Rachel‘s blog that another anthology I have a story in won’t be coming out until September (it was due out last fall).  The reason that’s only slightly disappointing is because I’ve already been paid for that story.  It makes it a little easier to wait for the anthology to appear when I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll get paid.

In the bad news category, I have two more editors who owe me payment for stories which have already been published.  For those of you who aren’t writers, contracts frequently say: “Payment due upon publication.”  I much prefer: “Payment due upon acceptance,” but that doesn’t happen nearly as often.  However, “upon publication” to me means within sixty days of me being able to walk into Barnes and Noble and purchase a copy.  I have found it means something else entirely to some editors, which means I’ll be sending notes shortly. 

I guess none of that was really about writing so much as getting paid for writing, hmm?  On the other hand, I’ve long since passed the stage where I feel like I should (or will) write for free and making sure I get paid is as much a job as the actual process of writing and submitting sometimes.  Except here, of course.  In order to charge a fee for my blog I’d have to be a lot more entertaining, I think.

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