Greetings From London

Monday, March 6th, 2006 • No Comments on Greetings From London

Day Four.  I have had fish and chips twice since arriving in merry old London and tried a British shandy.  For a non-beer drinker, it’s actually not bad.  I also have in my possession one half-pint pub glass.  I will not tell you how I got it, but let’s just say it’s become a tradition.

It’s amazing how quickly I adjust to being here.  My familiarity with the tube is back, my instinct to look right instead of left when crossing the road has returned (survival of the fittest, right?) and hearing a British accent no longer makes me grin like an idiot.  Okay, it does, but not as much as it did the first day I was here.

The weather is beautiful, the footballers are in every park, people are (for the most part) very nice.  London is, as I remembered, an incredible city.  With the exception of the inability to use my calling card almost anywhere.  That is a royal pain in the ass. 

More when I get back, including some rather embarrassing and incriminating photos. 


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