Light.  Tunnel.  Yay!

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 • 4 Comments on Light.  Tunnel.  Yay!

That subject line is about how I feel—barely able to string words together in a coherent sentence.  However, my two major papers of the semester have been submitted and the only thing left is a take home final (boo!  hiss!) for the Poe class that I won’t get until Monday afternoon.  So, between now and Monday, I’m free, free, free!  Ah, lest you be too jealous of me, let me add this only means that I’m:

1.  Free to do my state taxes (federal didn’t get done until last Friday).

2.  Free to beg and plead to be allowed to submit a story a week late to an anthology I really, really want to be a part of.

3.  Free to write like a madwoman in order to (just barely) make a couple of May 1 deadlines.

4.  Free to finish cleaning out my closet, which I started about a month ago (and there is an entire blog post in the fact that one should NOT have 5 sizes of clothing hanging in one’s closet.).

5.  Free to catch up on my reading for Poe.  Which means not only the reading we’re covering on Monday, but the past month’s worth of reading I’ve skimmed in order to complete those two big papers.

6.  Free to clean.  Free to pay bills.  Free to catch up on my overflowing e-mail box.  Free to collect all my recent writing checks and get to the bank before they’re void.  Free to scrounge around for a few vegetable plants to put in my sad, weedy little garden I’ve ignored since last summer.

7.  Free to register for the two, concurrent literature classes I’ll be taking this summer.

8.  Free to blog about my freedom.

Oh, and just an observation: if more classes were held in bars, more people would want to go to graduate school.  Because, as some people know, alcohol makes you smarter.

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