Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 • 1 Comment on Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

More pictures from London (and Dublin, and Bath).  This time, signs! 

To the Crypt.jpg

I love this sign!  It leads to the Cafe-in-the-Crypt beneath
St. Martin’s-in-the-Field, my favorite church in London. 
The crypt has been reinvented as a cafe (think Panera, with the
sort-of-creepy feeling of being underground, surrounded by dead
people).  There is also a small gift shop and a room where you can
make rubbings of Medieval brass plates.

Moaning Myrtle.jpg

Spotted this next to the restroom at Eason’s, a bookstore in Dublin.

No Nukes.jpg

Those guys at the Hard Rock Cafe have a weird sense of humor.


Hooligans at the World Cup??  Say it isn’t so!

Sex Shop.jpg

Truth in advertising!  The store is Lovecraft, in SoHo.


Not to be outdone by Soho, a pub in Bath provides a “toy” machine
right in the basement bathroom!  The food was okay, the beer was
cheaper than Coke and there were black lights in the bathroom stalls
(huh??), but it was the assortment of goodies from the Naughty Vend
that I will always remember most!

Baaad Sheep.jpg

Another offering from the Naughty Vend.  I have absolutely no comment.

Photo Opportunity.jpg

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the British sense of humor. 
This cracked me up, but I’m not even sure it was meant to be funny.

Probably Knobs.jpg

I obviously had sex on the brain while in Dublin (no wonder, what
with the Naughty Vend taunting me with visions of farm animals…), but
surely I’m not the only one who thinks Knobs and Knockers is a
double entendre, right?  The slogan on the coffee shop sign is even funnier—
“Probably the Best Coffee in Dublin.”  Probably?  I think there’s a
coffee shop in Dublin that needs more self-esteem!  I blame Starbucks.

A Strictly Honest Man.jpg

Taken at Bath Abbey.  It’s not funny, but it caught my eye.  I guess
there are worse ways to be memorialized than as being “strictly honest.”

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