Busy Summer

Monday, May 22nd, 2006 • 2 Comments on Busy Summer

I don’t know where the weekend went, but it went.  Monday looms, along with a bunch of deadlines this week. 

In American Lit, I’m working my way through Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller (American Transcendentalism, if anyone is curious) for Tuesday and editing my notes and writing an outline for my group oral presentation on Poe for Thursday.  For Asian American Lit, I’m writing a critical review of the short film Dollar a Day, Ten Cents a Dance about Filipino immigrants in the 1920s and 30s for tomorrow’s class and reading When the Emperor Was Divine for Wednesday’s class.  Somewhere in there, I need to work on research paper ideas (two for American Lit, one for Asian American Lit).  The first American Lit paper is due June 6 and the other two are due toward the end of the semester, but the end of the semester is only five weeks away.

I have one absolutely-hard-and-fast writing deadine coming up (that freelance gig I was talking about a couple days ago), but there are a couple of anthology deadlines I would really like to meet before July 1.

In addition to reading, writing and research papers, I managed to find time to finally write my birthday thank you notes this weekend.  Two weeks after the fact isn’t too late to be thankful, is it?  Speaking of birthdays, I still need to upload my pictures and share some of the festivities (ahh… a woman with a camera and a blog is a dangerous thing).  I’ll try to do that before my next birthday… and I predict my 40th birthday is going to be filled with memorable, picture-worthy events.

When I’m done with all the school work (and get caught up on all the things I’m neglecting while I’m working on school work), I need to make reservations for my summer vacation(s) to St. Thomas in July (with Jay and a bunch of other crazy divers) and Chicago in August to visit Sheri and The Drake Hotel!  Oh, and I’m hoping to drag Rose away in August for a girls’ spa weekend at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond to celebrate her 40th birthday.  She’s not feeling particularly celebratory about the big event, so I’m hoping some of my enthusiasm for birthdays will rub off on her while we’re sipping champagne and getting massaged.

Of course, it’s not all exciting trips and pampered goodness (and, seriously, until the reservations are booked, I’m not convinced I’m going anywhere) once summer semester ends.  I have a ton of writing to do—and after spending six weeks on academic writing I will be very anxious to immerse myself in fiction.  I have some lofty goals before fall semester begins, which means I’ll be hauling my laptop everywhere, including on vacation.

This weekend was BookExpo America in Washington, D.C.  I really wanted to go this year, but I had all that aforementioned school work to do (which, of course, I still haven’t finished) and someone had to stay home with the pets while Jay was off teaching people how to breathe underwater (he’s really good at it, too).  I’ve seen some of Rachel’s pictures and now I’m vowing to go next year’s BEA in New York City, no matter what else is going on.  It’s a great opportunity to network with booksellers, authors and editors.  Many of the editors I’ve worked with attended this year, not to mention some other interesting people like John Lithgow, Spike Lee, Kim Catrall, Carl Hiaasen and… Storm Troopers!  Plus… free books!  Oh yes, I must go to BEA next year.  Who wants to go with me?

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