Happy Birthday To Me!

Sunday, May 7th, 2006 • 1 Comment on Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s after midnight, which means I’m officially 39 years old.  Crazy.  I don’t feel 39.  In fact, sometimes I have a hard time remembering how old I am.  Of course, there are the occasional days when I definitely feel my age—like when I realize the cute college boy playing Frisbee on the quad is young enough to be my son.  Sigh….  In any case, I’m not dreading this last year of my thirties at all.  I’m very much looking forward to a year of adventures.

There were many birthday treats today, starting with Nick taking me out to lunch.  Our lunch concluded with a gigantic birthday brownie and ice cream dessert that I couldn’t finish (someone should have warned me about the big dessert that was coming and maybe I wouldn’t have eaten all my vegetables!).  After lunch, we went on a little shopping expedition where I got to pick out a new pair of pink sunglasses.  I may have a bit of a cynical edge to me sometimes, but I still like to look at life through rose-colored glasses if I can.

I opened gift #6 from Shannon, which turned out to be a Color Me Beanie Unicorn Birthday Kit!  Shannon said that everyone attending my birthday cookout tomorrow (later today, actually) will get to color it as a souvenir for my birthday.  Cute idea, huh?  Shannon is a very creative girl.  As for gift #7, I’ve been told that Jae is in charge of that one.  He’s nearly as creative as Shannon, so I can’t wait to see what it is!

Last, but not least, this afternoon I received an Express Mail package from Sheri in Chicago!  There were many wrapped goodies, all of them tea-related, including a beautiful teacup with a matching plate, my favorite Bourbon Vanilla Black tea and tea accessories.  A lovely, thoughtful gift, don’t you think?  Ahh… it gets better!  Opening the last gift (marked “Open Last,” of course), I discovered Sheri and I will be going to The Drake Hotel for afternoon tea!  Doesn’t the menu look delicious?  I’m so excited!  I love the ritual of afternoon tea.  It’s relaxing and decadent and girly and, since I’ve only experienced it a few times, it’s also a very special occasion.  Now I just have to decide when I’m going to Chicago (sometime in August) and make the reservation.  I was already planning to go see Sheri this summer, but she knew exactly what to get me to guarantee I’ll be visiting soon!

Despite the low-key tone of this birthday week, I have received some really sweet, thoughtful, perfect-for-me gifts and enjoyed some fun, dessert-and-laughter-filled moments.  And it’s not even my actual birthday day yet!  Whatever tomorrow (today) brings, I’m already very grateful for the gifts of this birthday, and I don’t mean the material ones.

39 will be very good to me, I think.

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