May Day!  May Day!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 • 2 Comments on May Day!  May Day!

My Birthday WeekTM is off to a (mostly) mellow start.

I had a long, relaxing lunch with my pal Jae followed by a piece of the best chocolate cake, half of which is sitting in my refrigerator… yum!  (Sorry I didn’t offer to share, Jae.  I have no excuse other than I didn’t think you’d want it.) 

After lunch, I met up with Jay (not to be confused with the other Jae), who was studying for his last final.  We had coffee, then I bounced off to school on a chocolate-sugar-coffee high and turned in my take home final for the Poe class.  I also got my research paper back—a B+, which I’ll take and be grateful for. 

I have one week off before my first summer class begins (Asian American Literature).  A week after that, the second class starts (American Literature 1810-1870).  It’ll be an interesting six weeks, managing all that reading.  I really need to be writing my ass off this week because I know I won’t be meeting too many deadlines between now and July.  Of course, I’m more interested in playing this week than writing.  Discipline!  I need discipline!  Tomorrow, maybe…

The rest of the day was relatively quiet, but a few annoying events put me in a lousy mood.  I was a snarling, cranky wench by 10 o’clock and still wired from the chocolate-sugar-coffee combination.  Oh, joy.

The annoyances, however, were offset by the news of the very likely possibility I will have a story in the forthcoming Best Women’s Erotica 2007 (pending publisher’s approval).  This will be an especially nice sale if it happens because my very first erotic story, “Service Entrance,” appeared in the inaugural edition of the BWE series back in 2000. 

(Moment of introspection: I’ve been writing sexy stories for 7 years already?!  Wow!)

Oh, did I mention I also opened gift #1 of 7 from Jae and his clever, creative wife Shannon?  I did!  What fun!  I’m not a gimme gifts kind of girl and I really don’t want anything big this year (maybe some flowers for my sad, barren porch and deck…), but I do like surprises.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the week’s treats, especially if they’re as amusing as the magnet that says, “So sorry… my fault… I forgot you were an idiot.”  Heh.

Needing to de-stress, I finished off the night with a lovely, yummy Lush bath with one of these cuties.  I’m less stressed and I should be sound asleep after such a relaxing end to the day, but here I am, still wide awake.  Not snarling anymore, just contemplative.

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