So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 • 2 Comments on So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Everything I Need to Know (For Today, At Least), I Learned From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

—Be kind to small animals, because they might be running the show and you don’t even know it.

—It’s better to be a dolphin than a whale.  Poor, poor whale.

Douglas Adams had an amazing imagination and the world is a little emptier without him.

—To truly appreciate Douglas Adams, one needs to be drinking.  One also might suspect Mr. Adams was drinking while creating his stories.

—If one is drinking, one should ask the fabulous Zabe (aka Elizabeth to the IRS and other official types) to choose a wine for you.  I mean one.

—If one is drinking wine while watching a movie based on a Douglas Adams book, one should drink a nice German Riesling.  I recommend Weingut Eugen Wehrheim’s 2003 Niersteiner Bildstock Riesling Kabinett.

—That Zabe really knows how to pick a birthday (I mean graduation) wine.  She’s a fabulous girl, just ask anyone.  Simply fabulous.

—You can’t be president with a whole brain.  (I think I already knew that one.)

—Buttons aren’t toys!  Press them anyway.

—I could listen to Alan Rickman all day.

—“Okay, don’t think. Nobody think. No ideas. No theories. No nothing, ” is a funny quote, but utterly impossible to accomplish.  Look out for the giant fly swatter!

—The best pizza is one I don’t have to make.

—Resistance is useless!

—When your entire world is destroyed, look for the backup.

—“I’m British.  I know how to queue,” is soooo much funnier if you’ve been to London.

—The president of the universe is an interesting blend of Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley.  Who knew?

—“You want to see my spaceship?” is actually a pretty good pick-up line.

—Why be happy when you can be famous?

—The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is… 42.  Which, oddly enough, is the age I plan to be when I have a child.  I thought I knew everything and now I know I do!  Wow!

—A cup of tea will restore your normality, but a bottle of wine will make you giggle for an hour.

—In the words of the incredible Alan Rickman (as poor, depressed Marvin): “This will all end in tears.”

—The ultimate question is different for everyone.

—Douglas Adams is in heaven, but he probably didn’t get in on the first try.

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