Putting Off Until Tomorrow What I Should Do Today

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 • No Comments on Putting Off Until Tomorrow What I Should Do Today

Things I Do to Procrastinate From Writing (aka “The Only Thing I’ve Ever Wanted To Do,” aka “My Calling,” aka “The Best Job In the World”):

1.  Job hunt for a real job.
2.  Read the blogs of people who hate their real jobs.
3.  Watch episodes of “Sex and the City” because Carrie is a writer and it might inspire me to stop procrastinating and write.
4.  Learn how to use TiVo (it totally rocks).
5.  Count the number of days left in the month of June.  Divide by the number of deadlines I have before July 1.  Determine I need to write 2500 words a day between now and Saturday to accomplish my goals.
6.  Panic because I need to write 2500 words a day and I’ve only written 1700 today.
7.  Realize I’m perfectly capable of writing 3300 words tomorrow without breaking a sweat.
8.  Write e-mail.
9.  Have a piece of lemon cake.
10.  Reread the 1700 words I’ve written and decide they’re pretty good.
11.  Look over my writing sales for the year and pat myself on the back.
12.  Panic again.
13.  Decide if I can just write another 500 words tonight, I will reward myself with coffee tomorrow.  (Never mind that I’ll get the coffee anyway.)
14.  Blog about procrastinating, while panicking.
15.  Go to bed.  Good good night’s sleep.  Write my ass off tomorrow.

Being a writer is exhausting, I tell you.

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