Shifting Gears

Friday, June 23rd, 2006 • No Comments on Shifting Gears

It’s my first day of eight weeks of academic freedom.  I wish I could say I’ve been more productive, but I think I’m taking today as a free day before I get into a new routine of writing.  It’s hard sometimes, after keeping up a furious pace of reading/writing/researching for school to adjust to a new, more relaxed rhythm of writing for myself.  In some ways, I do better with a rigid academic schedule because the deadlines are not self-imposed and it’s easier to be disciplined because there’s a grade point average with my name on it.

For the next eight weeks… I can read what I want!  I don’t have to write anything academic!  I don’t have to do any research except on St. Thomas and other travel destinations!  Ahh!  Freedom!

It’s almost scary having so much freedom, because it means I have to be self-disciplined when I’d rather play, write when I’d rather watch a movie, edit when I’d rather read someone else’s book.  No one is going to tell me I must write, except me.  Surprisingly, I don’t always listen to myself.  It’s all about discipline and, if I slack off (or let someone else convince me I can slack off), I have only myself to blame.

Not that I’m complaining.  I lead a pretty charmed life and I know it.  I have lofty aspirations for my eight week break and they don’t all involve drinking tropical alcoholic beverages and mastering the art of the nap.  Really.  No, really.

Sigh… guess I’ll just have to prove it.

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