What I’ll Do On My Summer Vacation

Sunday, June 11th, 2006 • No Comments on What I’ll Do On My Summer Vacation

Two more weeks of summer classes and then it’s sun, sand, surf, reading (for fun), socializing, traveling, cooking out, watching movies and relaxing.

Oh, and writing.

The muse is tugging at my conscience (or is it my hair?) and nagging me incessantly to write something that doesn’t involve a “works cited” page.  Spending hours a week at the bookstore cafe doesn’t help, either.  I walk past the tables of new books and instead of wanting to buy a few, I want to write a few.  Failing that, I’d be happy writing a couple hundred pages of short fiction, essays, whatever.  Even poetry.  I need to get back to non-academic writing.  Soon.  Before my creativity shrivels and dies.

In the past month of summer classes I’ve managed to write just two short stories.  One was a must-do-can’t-miss assignment, so that was going to get written no matter what.  The other was a quick little piece dashed off for a forthcoming anthology.  I’m not happy with it because I was running up against a deadline and needed to start a research paper.  It got written, but I think I’ll be messing with it again in a couple of weeks.

In any case, the urge to write is gnawing at me in that familiar way that reminds me I can’t not write.  It’s good to be reminded of such things, especially now when the only creative writing I’m doing is in e-mails and blog posts.  Two more weeks of academic writing and then I have several weeks where my time will be my own and the writing can be anything I want it to be.  I already have an ambitious list of projects that could probably keep me busy until next year sometime, but it’s my true north and the motivation I need to get me through the next couple of weeks.

That, and the pitcher of margaritas I’m going to drink when this semester is over…

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