Greetings From the Islands

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 • No Comments on Greetings From the Islands

Island vacations are like picture postcards… beautiful, serene, dreamy… and like postcards sent from far away places, island vacations are s l o w to arrive.  From the road trip to D.C. to the flight to Atlanta to the flight St. Thomas, to the incredibly long wait for our baggage in the open air baggage claim filled with hot, sweaty tourists to the hour-and-a-half wait to get our room at the hotel, it seemed like we would never arrive at our destination.

Here I am at last, blogging from my second story balcony looking out over the blue-green Caribbean.  If you look at the resort picture I posted a few days ago, my room is in the first building on the left.  I’m on second floor, four rooms in from the right behind the palm tree.  The view from here is lovely and shaded, I can see islands in the distance, though I don’t know which ones.  I woke up a few times during the night and watched the moon shimmer on the ocean. 

Internet access isn’t quite as accessible as we’d been led to believe, so I’ll be blogging and uploading entries as I can.  Hopefully with pictures.  I don’t have too many stories to tell yet, but I’ll leave you with this little teaser:  within three hours of arriving at the hotel, I was holding hands with a girl named Yvette.

Yes, island living is very different indeed.

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