So Long, For Now

Thursday, July 27th, 2006 • 1 Comment on So Long, For Now

As I write this, my weblog is a snowy white blank screen and I have no idea when it will return to normal.  However, in the event it magically reappears (after all, the “Air Bag” light on my dashboard magically disappeared), I thought I’d wave goodbye.  I hit the road in about eight hours, going south to North Carolina only to return to home base in two days and head north to Richmond. 

All in all, it should be a lovely four days with good company, good conversation, good food and (hopefully) good coffee.  What more could a girl ask?

Recent writing sales, new book covers, belated St. Thomas pictures, pictures from this week’s adventures and musings on relationships, writing and sex, all coming soon… hopefully.

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