They Were Happy.  They Have the Pictures to Prove It.

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 • No Comments on They Were Happy.  They Have the Pictures to Prove It.

Today I saw a wedding at the little “wedding gazebo” they have at the hotel.  It’s really just a tent wrapped in white gauze that serves as one of the entrances to the beach.  However, today they had it blocked off with a sign announcing the wedding.  It was a small wedding party with a female officiate and traditional music.  The white linen clad bride and groom made a prettier picture than the façade that served as their wedding chapel.

After the ceremony, I watched the photographer carefully position the newly wedded couple.  He maneuvered them so that the old guy in the Speedo floating around in the ocean wouldn’t appear in the picture.  He patiently waited through six attempts while they tried to get “the kiss while dipping” figured out.  He coaxed a smile from the sobbing flower girl for the briefest of moments and managed to capture her radiant face ringed by blond curls.  He will, no doubt, crop out anything that mars the image of the perfect Caribbean wedding.  He isn’t just selling photographs, he is selling an image.

Someday, that couple will look at their wedding album and comment on their pictures.  They will say how much younger, thinner and (perhaps) happier they were today.  They won’t remember walking up and down the beach to find the perfect backdrop for their special day, they won’t remember how the heat made them sweat or the horror that was the Speedo wearing old man.  All they will remember is what the photographer presented them with—edited perfection.

Personally, I hope they remember all the little things that went wrong and all the imperfections that couldn’t ruin their wedding day.  The memories are so much sweeter that way, don’t you think?

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