Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 • 1 Comment on Tripping

I have only just returned from St. Thomas and I’m already planning my next trip.  Trips, actually, as I have a couple of short getaways coming up and then a longer trip to Chicago next month to visit Sheri (finally!).  An action-packed trip to Chicago with Sheri as my tour guide will be a lovely balance to the laid back days in St. Thomas.  Plus, there will be Starbucks.  Bonus!

On the plane home from St. Thomas I was looking at all of the international flights and longing to plan another trip before I’d even gotten off the plane from the last one.  I have missed traveling the past few years and now that I’ve started again, first with London in March and this month’s island vacation, I have the wanderlust worse than ever.  I want to go… somewhere!  Anywhere!  Okay, not anywhere.  For instance, I don’t care to visit Lebanon or Iraq.

Now, if only I had the budget to support international travel… sigh…

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  • Rose says:

    Richmond, Chicago, Orlando….and then next March, a European destination be determined. Wonder if anyone has any good suggestions?

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