Wanted: Writer Seeks Same For Possible Long Term Commitment*

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 • No Comments on Wanted: Writer Seeks Same For Possible Long Term Commitment*

In less than a week I will be laying on a beach, soaking up the sun and sipping a lethal tropical beverage with a name like Bushwacker or Headbanger or some such.  Until then, I’m diligently working on writing deadlines and making lists of things to do before I leave.  By the time I’m on that beach, I will be very glad to be on vacation.

Amidst the short fiction deadlines are two novels I need to finish sometime this year, preferably one this summer.  I have pulled them out and dusted them off (figuratively speaking) and I’m ready to get back to them.  One is mostly finished and in need of serious editing and a new ending.  The other is two-thirds finished, but I know where it’s going (I think).  I still like both stories and I’m still excited about working on them.  I have a third novel idea floating around in my brain, but I need to finish at least one of the others before I start something new.

I’m not lacking for novel ideas or already-written-need-to-be-edited-novels.  What I’m lacking is a critique partner/group to give me feedback and keep me motivated.  I had a fabulous critique group ten years ago, but we eventually went our separate ways as each of us branched out from where we’d started and into other genres.  We all went from unpublished, aspiring writers to published authors during the time we worked together, so I know the value of that kind of feedback and I wish I could find it again.  I used to have a strong network of writer friends I met through conferences and mailing lists, but I’ve become rather isolated from the writing community in the past few years and I need to work on that.

Finding the right critique partner or group is a lot like finding the right spouse and it doesn’t always work out; when it does, it can be priceless.  If you are a writer (or know someone who is)—preferably published, preferably writing genre fiction (romance, mystery, chick lit or erotica), preferably with a finished or nearly finished manuscript—and you’re looking for a critique partner, drop me a note.

*Terms are negotiable.

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