Random Musings of A Disorganized Mind

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 • No Comments on Random Musings of A Disorganized Mind

It’s been awhile, so I’m a little rusty:

—Why are movies like Snakes On a Plane and Talladega Nights playing at every freakin’ theater while the incredible Little Miss Sunshine is only playing in “select theaters?”

—Is the answer to the previous question the same answer to the question: Who voted for Bush?

—Will I ever be able to get the lyrics to “Super Freak” out of my head?

—Is it wrong that I spent more money on chocolate while I was in Chicago last week than I have in the past year?

—Is it wrong that I’m keeping most of that chocolate for myself?

—Why does walking 3.6 miles in Chicago feel like nothing, but if someone wanted me to walk that far, say, in the woods, I would refuse?

—What the hell am I going to do for my 40th birthday?  I know, I know, it’s months away, but I have to plan something big.  I have my reasons why, and someday I’ll blog about it, but for now I’m just looking for ideas.

—Whatever happened to Robby Benson?

——Does anyone want to send me to San Francisco in November?  Fabulous editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is organizing a reading of the new anthology Caught Looking, in which my story “The Stars Fell Down” appears. I’ve never done a public reading of my work, but what better place than San Francisco?

—Why do people I know insist on moving in the summer?

—Speaking of summer, where did it go?  Fall classes start for me next week and I’m so not ready.  I need books and a parking pass and, oh yeah, motivation.  I’m enjoying reading for fun and writing what I want!  Sigh.  The sad part is, by this time next week I will be an excited academic geek.

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