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Friday, October 27th, 2006 • 1 Comment on A Toast


I had dinner with my two old band buddies tonight.  There was a time when we hung out every Thursday night (and some other nights, too), but times have changed, we don’t work together anymore and they’ve both become (gasp!) day people with real jobs and everything (elementary school teacher and police officer).  Meanwhile, I’m still the perpetual student wandering through life, writing about whatever strikes my fancy and sleeping in as often as possible. 

I met these boys (and I use the term “boys” in the most affectionate, non-condescending way possible, since they are more than a decade younger than me) when I worked at the library.  Though we have very little in common, we became friends (ramping up the cool factor at the library by about a hundred percent in the process) and started hanging out.  In some ways, I feel like I’ve always known them and they’ve always been there.  We’ve shared some very good times, the three of us—and a lot of tequila.

A lot has changed for the boys in the time I’ve known them—new careers, a hard earned college degree, a wedding, a baby, a mortgage, health issues, marriage issues, family issues and numerous trips up and down stairs to move heavy furniture—while my life has remained relatively consistent because, you know, I’m old.  Okay, my life has changed in the past five years, but by comparison the changes have been more subtle, not as dramatic—less life-changing, I guess.

There were Thursday nights when we worked together for eight hours and spent another three or four hours after work making each other laugh until the bar closed and it was time to go home.  Tonight, we were all home by 9 and two of us were probably in bed by 10 (I’ll leave it to you to guess which two).  Everything changes, I suppose.  But friends, good friends, best friends… don’t change.  Those are the ones you hang on to through all of the life changes, big and small. 

Even if they are day people who can’t hang anymore.

Thanks, boys.



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  • JaeTree says:

    Beautiful!  Thanks for being you.  We must do it more often.  Nothing seems real unless I get the chance to share it with you (both)!

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