The Things We Do For Love

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 • 1 Comment on The Things We Do For Love

I’ve never been a big fan of mornings.  Nothing good happens in the morning.  I have never been and will never be a morning person.  I prefer to sleep through as much of the morning as possible because mornings are bad.  The fact that I now have to administer insulin shots as part of my morning routine just proves my point.

I didn’t wimp out.  I could have, because Jay saw what a wreck I was and offered to do the deed.  He’s tougher than I am and has some experience.  It was tempting, but no, I had to do it myself.  Had to.  The longer I put it off, the harder it would be for me to do it and the time will come (next year) when I will have to do it.  So I might as well get into the mindset now.  I am nothing if not pragmatic.  I’m not sure it’s a good quality.

Two days, two shots.  I was a shaky, crying mess yesterday and thought I was going to throw up.  Today I got teary eyed and a little nauseous.  Maybe by the end of the week I’ll be swinging from the ceiling fan joyfully giving shots to anyone who comes within range. 

Nah, probably not.

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