Wide Awake in Virginia

Monday, October 9th, 2006 • No Comments on Wide Awake in Virginia

Currentlly, neither Jay nor I have a traditional day job.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  The problem with this situation is that when you put a grad student/SCUBA instructor and a grad student/writer in the same house with no set schedule, it’s difficult to maintain a normal routine.  As in, it’s 1:45 AM on a Sunday night (Monday morning) and while most people are sleeping, we’re still up.  Awake.  Functioning.  Having conversations (but only with each other, because the rest of the world is asleep).  Doing stuff.

The lights are shining in the Wright house, the television is on, the computers are being used, newspapers are being read and the pets—with the exception of the birds who follow their own internal time clocks—are demanding attention in the form of treats and petting and games of fetch.  Bedtime isn’t for about another hour or so and by the time I’m finally slipping into dreamland, the newspaper will be delivered and some people in the neighborhood will be getting up for work.

This shared freedom from traditional schedules has happened periodically in the past sixteen (as of Saturday!) years of marriage.  We’re in our own weird little world right now, where late night television is familiar and putting off until tomorrow what should have been done today is pretty much the only regularly scheduled activity we have.  I know there will be schedules to follow and alarms to obey down the road, sooner and earlier than I would like.  So I’ll enjoy the late nights—and the company—while it lasts.

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