First the Bad, Then the Good

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 • 2 Comments on First the Bad, Then the Good

I have a lot of holiday goodness to look forward to, including baking and reading and shopping and crafting and writing and, of course, blogging.  The last part of the December should be positively lovely.  However, before I get there, I have to slog through the first part of December, which includes a research paper, a final exam and writing about fifteen thousand words of work-for-hire projects that don’t really inspire me but will help pay for all the fun later in the month.

I’m working on updating my wishlist, just in case Santa reads such things, but it’s really the intangibles that I want for Christmas: to laugh a lot, to make wonderful plans for the future, to be happy, to be at peace.

Maybe after I meet all my impending deadlines I’ll have some time to work on that list.

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