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Saturday, November 11th, 2006 • No Comments on Follow the Bouncing Brain

I have a ton of writing to do in the next week because once Sheri gets here, it’s all fun, all the time and work ceases for the duration of her stay.  The duration is a lovely ten days this year, but that is one-third of the month of November and I have deadlines.  Unfortunately, my brain has been bouncing all over the place today and though I have made some notes and have four stories in various stages of completion, I really didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I’d hoped. 

So… not a productive work day and I really need to be strict with myself and buckle down.  I can be very disciplined when I need to be, believe it or not, and with no fewer than ten anthology deadlines looming on the horizon—some that are by-special-invitation-only—I must be disciplined.  I may even squeeze in a few hours of writing while Sheri is here.  We’ll see.

Um… what was I saying?  Oh yes, my brain.  Bouncing.  Everywhere.  Bounce.  Bounce.  Bounce. I’d blame the coffee I had this afternoon, but coffee usually doesn’t do more than keep me up late(r).  Is this what it’s like to have ADHD?  I don’t think I like it.  It’s like carbonated bubbles fizzing around in my head and as soon as I focus on one bubble, it bumps up against another bubble and they both pop. 

The Christmas decorations are up practically everywhere.  I know it’s still November, but I have to say that this year I don’t mind the early holiday cheer so much.  Maybe it’s because last year I was so anti-Christmas, I didn’t even want to put up a Christmas tree.  I will confess that today, looking at all the decorations and holiday goodies in Borders, I wanted to put up a tree.  Now.  Today.  It’s crazy.

I have the house to myself this weekend as Jay goes off to certify students for one last (or next-to-last) dive weekend.  Maybe I should warn him there might be a Christmas tree up when he gets home on Sunday.  Nah… I’ll surprise him.

What is wrong with me?

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