Why It’s A Good To Be A Democrat

Thursday, November 9th, 2006 • No Comments on Why It’s A Good To Be A Democrat

Allen concedesWebb wins.

—The Democrats now have control of the House and Senate.  They better not screw it up.


was given the boot


Nancy Pelosi will be the nation’s first woman Speaker of the House, “only two heartbeats away from the U.S. presidency itself.”  It gives me chills.  (I’m restraining myself from questioning whether Bush and Cheney have hearts at all.)

—It’s lovely that Bush and Pelosi lunched together, but this quote makes me giggle with glee:

“Before Tuesday’s election, Bush and his aides were asked repeatedly if they could work with a Speaker Pelosi, or even whether they were preparing for such an eventuality. They refused to answer. “That’s not going to happen,” Bush once snapped to an interviewer.”

Go, Dems!

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