Boogie Wonderland

Saturday, December 9th, 2006 • 1 Comment on Boogie Wonderland


Despite the fact that we didn’t have a child (or two or five) in tow, they still let us in to see Happy Feet.  They really should consider adults-only showings of animated films.  Not that the kids were noisy— they weren’t— but I felt kind of bad being the big head in front of little kids.

In any case, it’s a cute movie.  It’s no Little Miss Sunshine, but the soundtrack and animation rock.  My only criticism is the “solution” to the problems of Mumble and his clan was too simplistic and the scenes with humans detracted from the penguins.  There’s an admirable message of environmental awareness, but it’s the music and Mumble’s (Savion Glover’s) tap dancing that stays with you.  Really, what more can you ask from a kids’ film?

Happy Feet made me smile.

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